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EZ Loader

Found worldwide under some of the most well-known boats in the marine industry, EZ Loader Boat Trailers sets the standard for quality and fine workmanship in boat trailers. Since its establishment in 1985, EZ Loader continues to innovate its designs and technologies to deliver higher strength, and improved durability to its aluminum trailers.

Offering a boat trailer to fit every need – Adjustable, Aluminum, Galvanized, Powder Coated, Fully Welded, Custom Painted and Tuff Coated – EZ Loader makes it easy to match the best fit to your boating lifestyle. Because when you want to get out on the water, getting there shouldn’t be a hassle. The weight and size of your trailer should be just right. The journey to the water should be stress-free.

Finding the right boat trailer is even easier with a visit to Free Spirit Marine in Edmonton, Alberta. Our knowledgable staff is ready to help you assess the best options for your needs. They’re here to give you choice, advice and assistance with purchasing your boat trailer. We carry EZ Loader because in our experience, it delivers a great product.

Safety and reliability are important qualities in a boat trailer, which EZ Loader plans for it the design and technology of its boat trailers. Since 1964, EZ Loader has been granted several design patents including the revolutionary I-Tube/ Beam Aluminum that conceals brake line and wiring and adds additional power and backbone to its trailers. With a top-quality boat trailer, you can hit the road with confidence and peace of mind knowing your boat is in good hands.

The first EZ Loader trailer was built in an auto repair shop by founder Lawrence “Larry” Johnson for his own personal use; a boat trailer built for a boat driver. The story stands testament to a heritage of passion for boating, and a commitment to continually strive to make EZ Loader trailers better.