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Reinell is a boat manufacturer within the Campion Boats brand. Established over eighty years ago as a family-run business, Reinell has multiple generations worth of experience building top-performing boats with exceptional value. Sharing in Campion Boat’s commitment to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and regard for environmental impact, Reinell extends even more choice to Campion boat lovers looking to make their next purchase.

Listening to feedback from their customers has always been key for Reinell to producing boats that deliver high value for the dollar. With the freedom to design and deliver the types of boats they see in demand, Reinell has been able to stay current and desirable within the industry. Being a part of the Campion Boats family strengthens this flexibility, as Campion is the largest independent boat builder in Canada. The legacy that was built over eighty years ago will continue to grow.

As part of their growing legacy, Reinell upholds a commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. Reinell is one of the first boat manufacturers in the world to use a renewably sourced bio-derived resin for its boats, as well as Ecomate environmentally friendly flotation foams and Acrastrip, an acetone replacement that is recognized in partnership with the Design for the Environment division of the U.S. EPA.

Discover the perfect Reinell boat for getting out on the water to play at Free Spirit Marine. Located in Edmonton AB, Free Spirit Marine is a Reinell dealer with informative staff to help you make your boat-purchasing decision. The Free Spirit team has done their homework to ensure a diverse and high-quality selection of boats for fishing, hunting, utility, fish & ski and recreation.

So check out Reinell at Free Spirit Marine. Reinell represents value, sustainability, and top-performance on the water. As their slogan says, Reinell is about “boats that last; boats that perform.”