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Outlaw New Boat Models

Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Has Dedicated The Last 30 Years To Setting The Bar For Heavy Gauge Aluminum Boats

Outlaw boats tomcat model idle

All Outlaw Eagle products are based on traditional values, combined with modern technology. Our reliable and dependable design and hull warranties guarantee you a lifetime of memories.

You need the confidence that your boat can take you anywhere. The true value of your boat comes into play when the conditions you run demand the best. The only limit to your Outlaw Eagle aluminum boat, is you.

Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing continues to remain the most innovative and durable aluminum boat company leading the way in our industry. When it comes to quality, by understanding our customer’s needs, we build them the strongest and best handling river boat available. Our pictures are of people who love to boat and who love boating, no frilly marketing and hiring models or photographers…. we ARE the real thing.

Why Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing Ltd?

Passion. Simple, pure passion drives us every day. That’s why our boats have won the World Jet Boat Championships almost every year since 1990! Our key staff has over 200 years of experience designing and building high quality boats.

Many of our customers are repeat buyers because they know the long term value we build into every boat. We spend a lot of time with our customers and driving our boats, and we roll those experiences into continually improving them.

We use highest quality materials, modern systems and highly skilled craftsmen to achieve our goal of building high performance, long life boats with high resale value.

Building customer loyalty through quality and performance.