Time for Spring!

Time for spring!


Well spring has finally arrived and boating season is beginning, now is the time to get your boat ready for the water.

After the long winter sleep, your boat needs a bit of TLC. Batteries need to be recharged, covers removed and a general look at all the systems that make your boat function.

Many things can be done on your driveway including a “run up” on a water hose to be sure the engine starts and runs and has no leaks. If your boat is a sterndrive or inboard, leaks can be as simple as a drain plug not tight or a hose not fastened properly but these can cause a big headache and maybe lots of money if left. Even if you had your boat winterized by a professional, assume that they missed something and be very happy that they did not!

Checking systems such as bilge pumps, lights, horn etc. to be sure they work when you need them and fixing up what does not, lots of these things can be done by yourself to save money and wait time.

Don’t forget your trailer! Trailers are often overlooked and under maintained. Lots of trailers make 1 trip out and back a year so many people just don’t think that it should need much as it does not go very far. Wheel bearings, lights and boat support systems such as bunks and rollers need attention too. Don’t be the victim of a wheel bearing failure on the way to the ramp or a winch strap that breaks, give them a look.

We can do all this for you if you want and often have a special for an inspection running, check with our service department for the current one running. We can also supply the stuff you need to get it done yourself and some advice when you need it! Our staff will accommodate your needs while keeping a close eye to prevent the spread of the Corona virus by maintaining distancing and wiping clean high touch surfaces.

Don’t want to bring it in? Ask about pick up & delivery options and curbside parts pick up and boat drop off.